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This tool helps you to convert google drive link to direct download link.This is a download link generator tool.

Drive Direct Download link generator


Drive Direct Download link converter

Drive Direct link converter is a tool that generates a drive simple link into a direct download link.

What is drive link converter?

Drive link converter is a tool that convert drive normal link into a direct download link or you can say one click download link.

One click download link generator

To make any link to download automatically you have to just follow the few steps.that are given down.

What is drive?

Drive also known as a Google drive. it's a product of Google that helps or that act as a storage or a container where people's can upload their files, images,or any online documentation and shre with others people's?

Drive Direct download link converter

How to use our download link converter?

• First upon upload your file,images, videos on using down upload button on Google drive.

• Than click on top 3 dots like given on a down image.

• click on share button. 

Google drive Direct link converter

• convert file access private to public.

1.First click down-arrow near restric 

Change drive link private to public
2. change restric to anyonewithlink

Change drive link restricted to anyonewithlink

  3.Finally copy your link

Copy drive public link

• Now copy the link come back to our drive converter.

• Now paste your drive link on the box and lastly click on generate link.

Tool to convert drive download link

• Now scroll down and  you will find a box just copy the box link.

Convert drive link to download link

• That copy link is your direct download link.

How to use the direct link?

•To use this direct download link you can share with your friends to whom you want to download the file.

How to use drive download link

• If you are blogger and want to share file on post than you can just leave the copied direct download link.

Drive download link really works


  We do not promote any illegal links from other sources. we only agree to convert drive link to direct download link so, I hope you will love our tool and I know if you are reading up to here than you are intrested. And if you want than you can visit our others tools.


how to make drive link public?

to make drive link public first go to your file and click on three dot (or right click on window) you will find a share button click on it and you will see a drop-down arrow and edit access to restrict to public click on done and now link is public.

how to get direct download link from google drive?

First make your link public and go to any link converter tool and paste the link tan you will find a link down just copy your link and you can share with any one to whom you want to download

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