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How to use YouTube Thumbnail Image Downloader


ok friends let know few things about about tool and also let see how to ise oir tool

Want to download any one Thumnail than I know this youtube Thumnail download tool will help you to download youtube Thumnail 4k.

What is youtube Thumnail download tool?

YouTube thumnail downloader is a tool that helps you to download any one youtube Thumnail just in one click.

By Thumnail downloader you can download your Thumnail in 4k,1080p and also on hd quality.

Download youtube Thumnail hd

Let discuss how you can download youtube Thumnail in hd quality. 

  • First Go To youtube and copy the URL of that video.
  • Come back to yt Thumnail downloader Now paste the url on it.
  • Click on download button.
  • Now you will see various form or option.
  • hd, 1080p, 4k quality.
  • Now choose any one image long press and download the Thumnail.

Youtube Thumnail Download 4k and 1080p.

To download Thumnail in 4k and 1080p 
Apply the same process.
But Now scroll down and download the high quality Thumnail.
That image is an 4k, hd and also 1080p.

2.way to download youtube Thumnail

You can also download other Thumnail by following my few steps.
  1. Go to any browser.I preffer chrome.
  2. Search your video tittle and remember to add /youtube after your tittle.
  3. Example: image seo/youtube.
  4. Now once you get your Thumnail.
  5. If your are mobile user than longpress and download.
  6. If you are desktop user than right click and download.
  7. Note! That the downloaded image are not copyright free.

What is the size of youtube Thumnail?

According to youtube the size should be 1280x720. And the quality should be full hd.

Free tool to make your own Thumnail

1. PlaceIt

YouTube thumnail downloader

PlaceIt is a simple plan device that offers YouTube thumbnail layouts that you can redo to match your image. You needn't bother with any plan insight to make an astonishing YouTube video thumbnail, however the apparatus can be a piece restricting if you have any desire to utilize your imaginative muscles excessively. But the placeit yearly plan is $89

2. Canva

Create your own Thumnail free

Canva is one of the most mind-blowing visual communication apparatuses for online use. It incorporates formats that make it magnificently simple to make proficient level YouTube thumbnails, regardless of whether you have configuration experience. You can involve it for any visual computerization work you might have and it accompanies more than 1 million designs, layouts, photographs, pictures, and textual styles with an intuitive connection point that is really simple to utilize. Canva yearly plan is $120

3. Fotojet

Create our own Thumnail

Fotojet is another extraordinary apparatus you can use to make breathtaking YouTube thumbnails. Not at all like most internet based programs that perform visual computerization capacities as a general rule, Fotojet really focuses on YouTube thumbnail plan. It likewise gives photograph altering, illustrations planning, and composition making assets. Fotojet has more than 500 collection making layouts, which makes it a helpful asset for making YouTube designs like thumbnails.

This is an free youtube Thumnail download tool but if you use the downloader Thumnail illegally than it may be the issue of © copyright claim so plz use it properly{alertInfo}

1Q.How to download youtube Thumnail?

Ans=>You can download your youtube Thumnail using many tool that are easily available at the search engine.

 2Q.Should we use other Thumnail?

Ans=> No, you should not use other Thumnail because it comes under copyright section.

3Q.Thumnail downloader provide copyright freely to download?

Ans=> No, the Thumnail downloader does not helps you in copyright issue. It provide copyright images.

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